Intuitive Tarot Course

Learn to read the Tarot quickly and easily, start your own Tarot business or read for friends and family. Certificate of Achievement included and use of initials ‘CITR.TSA’

We will take you through the whole process of learning about yourself and the Tarot, for it is important that you have a full understanding of both. Learning how to read the Tarot is simple and fun, throw all those other instruction books out of the window and just work through our course.

We will teach you how easy it is to be able to quickly interpret the cards and give readings for others that will amaze them. They will wonder how you know all these things! The simple answer is, of course, that you don’t really ‘know’ on a conscious level, the cards are a picture book with each page, or card, telling a story for those who can really see.

We will show you how to ‘see’ with your inner consciousness and learn to understand and use your intuition, making reading the Tarot an uncomplicated skill. Anyone should be able to interpret the Tarot but not everyone has an open mind, an open heart, and the understanding of the way the cards work.

Our ‘Intuitive Tarot Course’ contains everything you need to know to begin giving readings to your friends and family – and to paying clients if you so wish. We will explain the psychic ‘tricks of the trade’ – the importance of opening and closing yourself, simple and brief meditation techniques, and how to develop your psychic skills in other ways which will enhance your Tarot reading.

If you wish to set up in business as a Tarot Professional this course contains all the information you need for you to be able to do this safely with a Module covering the ‘Business of Being a Tarot Reader’ with practical tips and information about how to begin, how to build your business and things to avoid.

Throughout the course, within each of the 12 Modules, there are exercises for you to carry out to help you develop your senses and your intuition. It is a good idea to write down your answers and thoughts during the course. This is important because by writing down your thoughts and ideas you will begin to build a comprehensive record of your learning progress and you can incorporate this into your work with the Tarot. Writing down reinforces these things onto your subconscious.

At the end of the course you have the option of completing a Final Assessment, this will be checked by the course tutors and the TSA Certificate of Achievement will be issued, students may then use the initials ‘CITR.TSA’

Should you wish to join the National Tarot Readers Association ( you are able to apply for enhanced Accredited Membership on production of a copy of this certificate.
Being able to read the Tarot will open up a whole new and exciting part of your life.

Course Benefits

You will learn to read the Tarot intuitively, not just from book definitions
You will learn how to refine your inner and outer senses and refine your intuition.
You will be able to quickly provide amazing readings, responsibly and ethically
You can study this course in your own time at your own pace – with lifetime access to course materials.
Using your new skills you can easily set up your own business to bring answers to those who need them in a responsible and ethical way.

Course Modules.

MODULE 1 – First Steps, The Origins of the Tarot, Choosing Your Tarot Pack
Bonding With Your Cards. Preparing and Energising Your Cards, First Steps

MODULE 2 – Meditation. Fine Tuning Your Senses, Simple Meditation, Techniques, Exercises

MODULE 3 – Developing Your Senses. Develop you sense of smell, touch, hearing and sight. Inner and outer senses, Exercises

MODULE 4 – Preparing Yourself. Opening and Closing explained. Protection techniques, Exercises

MODULE 5 – Meet ‘The Fool’, First steps in the Major Arcana, Exercises

MODULE 6 – Get to Know the Major Arcana, The Major Arcana cards explained. Main Ideas and Basic Interpretations. Reversed Meanings

MODULE 7 – Sample Readings, Simple Reading Analysis, Question and Answer Readings. Over to You, Exercises

MODULE 8 – The Minor Arcana, Beginnings with the Minor Arcana, The Four Suits Explained, Main Ideas and Basic Interpretations, Exercises

MODULE 9 – Sample Readings, Reading practice, Mixing Major and Minor Arcana, Positive and Negative, Tell Your Story, Spreads to Try, Exercises with – Q & A – 1 Card, 3 Card, 7 Card Horseshoe, 7 day, Celtic Cross.

MODULE 10 – Self Protection, Protection and Growth, More Opening & Closing Techniques, Grounding, Meditation and Visualisation.

MODULE 11 – The Business of Being a Tarot Reader, Keeping Accounts
Tips and Information About Being Self Employed, How to Build Your Business Safely

Module 12 – Summing Up & Final Assessment.
Final Assessment – TSA Certificate of Achievement is awarded and students may use the initials ‘CITR.TSA’


Intuitive Tarot Course (TSA)

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