Foot Health Practitioner Foundation Course (Non Surgical)

Foot Health Practitioners are in high demand. If you would like to offer a more in depth treatment than a pedicure business this in depth course will provide you with all the information that you need.

The TSA Certificate of Achievement will be issued and students may then use the initials FHPF.TSA

On completion of this course the student will be offered our optional 5 day Practical Training Course, at an additional cost. (More details below) This will be in a clinical setting giving the student training on scalpel work, paddings and dressings, medicaments and more. The student will be supervised throughout by our qualified ‘Foot Doctor’ . The student will be able to gain confidence and expertise by working on each other and on clients.  Details of the next available Practical Training will be sent on purchase of the TSA Foot Health Practitioners Course. (Practical Training will run according to student demand)

An FHP is a trained professional able to work in the private sector able to safely recognise, assess, advise upon and treat a wide range of common foot conditions such as callus, corns, fungal infections, nail and skin problems and  to be able to offer general foot care advice to help the patient avoid future issues.

Course Benefits:

Learn to offer a comprehensive treatment to your clients

Learn to recognise a wide variety of common foot problems and understand what you can and cannot treat – when a referral is required.

Study in your own time at your own pace – there is no time limit for completion.

Gain new skills and the confidence to use them in your business.


14 Modules/131 Pages.

Module One

Introduction to the work and responsibilities of an FHP.

Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology,  11 Body Systems and 6 Basic Life Processes. Medical Terminology & Directional Terms.

Module Two

The Muscular & Skeletal Systems. Parts of the Foot,

Module Three

Blood Flow / Circulation, Muscles & Skin. Pedal Pulses, Structure of Nails,

Module Four

How we walk, common foot problems, causes and treatments, the Gait Cycle, HAV (Bunions) Anatomical Bursa.

Module Five

The Importance of Sterilisation, the Definitions of Infection and Bacteria, Definition of Infection, Requirements of Wound Dressings and Padding, Endorphins.

Module Six

Tools of the Trade, Equipment and Instruments and Method of Use, More on Padding, Blood Pressure

Module Seven

Skin Conditions and Hyperkeratotic lesions, Ulceration, Managine Complications, Melanoma Signs & Symptoms/ABCD’s, Treatment of Corns (HM/HD)

Module Eight

Technicalities of Fungal Infections and Their Treatment, Verrucae, More on HD & HM, Information of a range of Common Foot and Nail Conditions their cause and treatment, Advice to your Client,

Module Nine

Nails and Nail Problems eg. Psoriasis, Subungual Abnormalities, Discolourations, Fungal Infections & other OM problems,  Basic Observations, Recognition and Treatment

Module Ten

The Diabetic Foot – Explanation of Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes, Full Examination of the Diabetic Foot, Vital Signs, Pedal Pulses, Neuropathy & Sensory Perception. Limitations of the FHP. Also Smoking and Effects on feet & lower limbs.

Module Eleven

How to Conduct an Examination of Your Patient, Record Keeping, Neurological & Vascular Assessments, Handling Patients, Preparation & Treatment Protocols

Module Twelve

Situations You Will Need To Deal With In Your Practice, Referrals, Disputes, Exceptional Circumstances (drink/drugs), Anxious Patient, No Shows etc

Module Thirteen

The Business of Being a Foot Health Practitioner, Accounts, Tax, Marketing,  Consumer Law, Promotion – Build Your Business, Additional Services, 

Module Fourteen – Final Assessment. 5 General Questions as an overview to your learning.

The TSA Certificate of Achievement will be issued and students can then use the initials ‘Cert. FHPF.TSA’

Course Price – £175.00

Foot Health Practitioner Foundation Course – Non-Surgical (TSA)

Foundation course for Foot Health Practitioners – non-surgical



This is available to all students who have completed our theory course. Consisting of 5 days, learning new skills, gaining confidence and working under supervision in a clinical practice in Louth, Lincolnshire. This course is offered according to student demand.

Full details, booking form,course timetable and useful information will be sent to all students upon request. Payment can be made via credit card, Paypal or BACS.

Our next Practical Course will now be held on: Date to Be Advised.

Cost of Practical Course – £450.00

Foot Health Practitioner – Practical Course

5 Day practical course in Louth.