New Course: Property Management: The Inventory Process

Whether you’re a landlord looking for the essential knowledge about inventories, check ins and check outs; or looking to start your own inventory business, our new course is for you!

Compiled from over thirty years of experience in the property industry, our Property Management: The Inventory Process course covers everything you need to know to compile inventories, perform check ins and check outs and navigate the issues that arise when tenants move out.

New Course: Foot Health Practitioner (Non Surgical)

If you’re interested in foot care or are a perdicurist who wants to offer a more in depth treatment then check out our new Foot Health Practioner course which covers how to safely recognise, assess, advise upon and treat a wide range of common foot conditions such as callus, corns, fungal infections, nail and skin problems and to be able to offer general foot care advice to help the patient avoid future issues.


Courses coming soon!

Stay tuned for our new online courses in cartomancy and runes!

Cartomancy –

playing cards - canstockphoto40719250 by NomadSoul1

Before the tarot boom took off, playing cards were the most popular card divination method used by fortune-tellers; and while history shows that many different kinds of decks were used in many different kinds of ways, the standard 52 card deck is still used by modern readers to provide valuable insight into the past, present and future.

If you’re curious about the art of playing card divination, all you need is a deck of normal playing cards and the information in this course! We will teach you a variety of card spreads ranging from simple yes/no readings to full tarot style spreads that allow you to unravel knotty problems or forecast the week or year ahead.  You will also learn  the most common card meanings as well as tips to combine cards and interpret patterns to find deeper nuance and spark your intuition.

The basic skills provided should give you a useful foundation if you want to progress in your divination studies or simply amaze your friends and family with your uncanny fortune-telling ability!

Runes –

Rune - canstockphoto52582162 by ronin69

The modern resurgence of runes owes as much to fictional works that draw on Norse history and mythology as it does to the rune-casters and occultists who revived it for use in their workings, and whichever way you’ve come to the runes, there’s no doubt that they’re a fascinating subject to explore.

Runes were used as both an ancient alphabet to communicate in daily life, and as a divination tool to communicate with the more esoteric world of gods, spirits and natural energies, so clearly they have been, and still are, a useful method to relay information.

Focussing on the Elder Futhark set of runes – the standard twenty-four runes that are the most popular variation used for divination – our intuitive rune course will teach you the history of runes and give you the foundation skills of modern rune craft: what runes are, how to make them, how to use them, and how to interpret them.